Craniotomy for Brain Tumour this month

MORE BRAIN SURGERY COMING!!!! COUNTDOWN TO MY FIRST CRANIOTOMY!!! hello my dear friends, there will be no more exclamation marks in this post i promise. its been a while since i have written. things have been better, then worse then better… i didn’t feel you needed updates on every little medication tweak & suchlike. However, I know you’d (probably) like to know about this next procedure coming up… I’m having open brain surgery in july to try to remove as much of the tumour as can be safely done. We were trying to avoid going down this path as the tumour is quite deep inside my head and the op will be less than simple. However a potential end to the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia (google it) is worth the punt. the hope of being able to perform again… Fingers crossed! sorry that really needed an exclamation mark. but i don’t want to pretend I’m not feeling pretty shaky about the pain and long recuperation that is coming. I know my husband and our extended family will take care of our three little children and make sure they have lots of fun things going on to distract them whilst mum is on ‘hospital holiday’. the kids school is being amazing. it couldn’t be any better set up for a smooth ride whilst I’m getting my sh*t back together, as it were. I am thankful for that. and for every person who has left a kind comment or sent a supportive message, please know that your love and thoughts and prayers has helped me not to sink into the dark place over the past two years of brain tumour life. and i really hope that one day i will be sending you an all clear message, and we can all celebrate together xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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