A true story…

I am a woman of mixed ethnicity, European and Asian.  My mother was from an Irish Catholic background, my father Bengali Hindu.  They left their homes and came to England to study, where they met, married and had children.  There were the usual issues that mixed couples faced then.  I am a child of the 1980’s! For most of my life there was no box to tick, and no place in Anglo-Saxon England for ‘mixed’ children.  Thank goodness this is not the case today.  I am a happy Anglophile, and so very glad to be part of the continuing international character of England, whatever that entails.

Anyway, back to faith.  I was raised in a loving ‘a-theistic’ household, as the conscious  compromise made between two religions was to instill no religion.

Various wonderful and awe-inspiring (and terrifying at times) events over my life have led me to question this denial of a higher plane.  As an adult I have come to understand the reality of God, the Creator and Power behind all things.  I have personally felt and witnessed the Spirit at work.  I have experienced things that I cannot deny, nor would wish too! And so, I have come to this point of writing.  I am committed to my love of Jesus, I have felt His love in my life, and my desire is to learn more and more about Him, about the nature of the Divine, wherever that may lead me, for the rest of my life.

I feel that my music has been profoundly and positively affected by these realisations (you will have to make your own mind up about that of course). I have also realised that many people may feel they should turn away from my music because of my speaking about these matters.  I would understand if that is you, because if I’m honest, that would have been my reaction too until fairly recently.

Everyone is on their own path to know God, or to not know God.  I believe we all have free will on this subject.  No-one can make you believe unless you yourself choose that path.  And with all the horrendous things going on in the world now, happening to people of all different faiths, I cannot be silent about my own.  I’m so grateful to live in a country where spiritual freedom is powerfully protected.  I pray that these freedoms will be shared around the globe and that the religious persecutions of all peoples will end.

If people had not been brave and shared their stories with me, I would still be in the dark.  Over the years there have been many moments when my heart was opened, until the light could get in.  Elisa, Salome, Julie, Rachel, and many more throughout my life, to the women who were open about their faith to me, I thank you.  So I would like to be brave too:  if reading this makes you feel like reaching out, to share your story, or debate or just start talking, it would be my honour to continue the conversation.

Be in touch!

Much love,