Music: ‘Losing You’


Sara Mitra – Losing YouLosing You tour image crop


Impossible Ark Records 2015 / Five Missions More Publishing

FULL TRACK LISTING (* = soundclips above)

  1. Losing You (S. Mitra)*
  2. Baltimore Oriole (H. Carmichael)
  3. In The Pines (Traditional)
  4. Sixteen Miles (S. Mitra)*
  5. Help Me Make It Through The Night (K. Kristofferson)
  6. Love Affair (S. Mitra)*
  7. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (S. Bono)
  8. The Secret Sorrow Of A Travelling Man (S. Mitra)
  9. Here Lies My Love (Martin/Dobard)
  10. Going Home Alone (S. Mitra)*
  11. Nothing and No One (J.L. Nichols)
  12. She Moved Through The Fair (Traditional)*


Sara Mitra – vocals, parlour guitar, viola, keyboards, curiosities, Rob Updegraff  – electric guitar, Ross Stanley – organ, piano, James Allsopp – tenor saxophone, Fulvio Sigurta – trumpet, Riaan Vosloo – acoustic and electric bass, Tim Giles  – drums, percussion

Produced by Ben Lamdin at Fish Market Studios, London.

Mixed by Ben Lamdin, Alex Bonney/Tim Giles/Sara Mitra.

Mastered by Lewis Hopkin@Stardelta Audio Mastering.

Photography by Richard Ecclestone

Artwork by Andrew Sidford@Made In Earnest


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